Thursday, 21 July 2011

How to Get Rosy White Skin

Increase intake Vitamin C to enhance skin color and suppleness. This will help keep your skin strong by maintaining its basic support structure—collagen. You can increase Vitamin C intake by:

Eating more foods that contain Vitamin C. This includes citrus fruits/juices, strawberries, sweet peppers, tomatoes, cantaloupe, and green peas.
Taking Vitamin C pills. If you chose to do it this way, you should take 250 mg/day. (Beware of overdose; see warnings)

Eat more Vitamin A. Since your skin is basically composed of Retinol, which is Vitamin A, this will help keep your skin healthy and strong. If you feel your skin is weak or not tight enough, that highly suggests lack of Vitamin A.

Foods that are high in Vitamin A include nonfat milk, oysters, and egg yolks [1]
You can also get Vitamin A by eating foods that are high in beta carotene. In addition to being a good source of Vitamin A, beta carotene will help minimize the effects of sun damage to your skin. To up your beta carotene intake, eat foods such as carrots, watermelon, papaya, tomatoes, or other dark colored produce.

Minimize your exposure to sunlight and pollution. UVA/UVB rays are known to be harmful to your skin because they slow down your body's ability to repair damaged skin cells and clear dead ones. 7 Pollution is a major cause of acne and dull skin tone.

Reduce sun exposure by wearing sunscreen, long sleeves/pants, and a wide-brimmed hat.
If you live in a heavily polluted area, decrease exposure by staying indoors or wearing a mask when walking around outside.

Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. This will help keep your skin from drying out.
Exercise daily for 30-60 minutes. Doing so will help you de-stress and your body detoxify.
Make a face mask. The following options will whiten your skin and improve your complexion.

Recipe 1: Put a cucumber, 1/4 cup of lemon juice, 5 teaspoons of honey, and 5 teaspoons of milk into a blender. Blend until well mixed. Pour mixture into a bowl. Stir in flour until the mixture gets a thick consistency. Refrigerate for 6 hours. Apply to your face one daily after you shower. You should leave it on for 15-20 minutes, and wash it off with warm water and a clean towel.
Recipe 2: Blend 1/4 cup of amaranth juice with a small amount of turmeric powder. If desired, add 1/2 cup of lime juice and milk as well. This should be applied to your face with a cotton ball. If you chose to add the lime juice and milk, massage your face and neck with the solution for 20-30 minutes. Rinse your face with lukewarm water when finished.
Recipe 3: Put a handful of almonds, fresh rosebud paste, and 5 tablespoons of fresh mint juice and honey into a blender. Blend until creamy. Apply the cream every night before bed. If refrigerated, the cream should last about a week.

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